We Are Pristine Parking


Pristine Parking is the premier parking and valet service in San Francisco and around the Bay Area. Our mission is to provide customers with an elevated experience by offering a modern, reliable alternative to traditional valet parking services.

About Us


By bridging the gap between an old school, dependable approach and a new school, refreshing sensibility, Pristine Parking continues to raise the bar when it comes to customer satisfaction.With over 10 years in the business, Pristine Parking has built lasting relationships within the community, playing a key role for large and small businesses, non-profits and restaurants. We pride ourselves on presentation and professionalism, providing superior service by employing a group of skilled, courteous drivers who will treat your vehicle like their own.



Not only is Pristine Parking deeply committed to providing five star service, we also focus on stimulating the local economy by offering artists and students comprehensive, on-site training. This creative approach to team building ensures that the next generation of industrious young men and women will not only have the opportunity to fulfill their ultimate goals, but will also be equipped with an unparalleled work ethic and a solid foundation to build upon. We want our employees to succeed in their daily duties at Pristine, but also to excel in their chosen careers in the long run.



Our services vary from private event parking and contracted valet parking for restaurants and hotels to parking lot management and design. From pop-up shops to large-scale gatherings like concerts or corporate functions, no job is too small and the big jobs are always welcome. We are a dedicated, trustworthy service, and above all, we are parking professionals.

Fixed Location Valet

Consistent representation on the daily.

Special Events

Corporate gatherings, sports events, weddings, concerts, holiday parties, etc. Whatever your unique event is, we can help you.

Parking Lot Management

Systematic approach to parking coordination.

Shuttle Services

To and from events and venues.

Our Team


Past and present, our team is comprised of hard-working and diligent employees that set the Pristine Parking family apart from other big-box valet companies. We are proud of our crew and take great pride in knowing that their time at Pristine Parking prepared them for bigger roles as professional athletes, teachers, designers and small business owners.



“We've worked with Pristine for almost eight years, and have established a very nice relationship with their loyal valets who we see on a day-to-day basis. The individuals that represent Pristine are professional, honest, hardworking, personable and charismatic. They seem genuinely happy in their jobs and that translates to excellent service. It gives me confidence that from the minute our customers park, they are getting the same great level of service we expect from our restaurant staff. They have consistently demonstrated their willingness to go the extra step to ensure our guests satisfaction.”

Aldy Butler, Perry's SF

“Pristine Parking has been a great fit for Dogpatch Studios’ varied transportation needs for ten years. Their ability to think outside of the box and solve problems, their communication skills, and the competitive price for his services are an essential quality for us.”

Terry Heffernan, Dogpatch Studios

“Pristine's personal touch is what stands out to me, from the ownership to the individual valets. It feels more like a family than just a contracted business. They are reliable and honest.”

Nat Cutler, Monk's Kettle